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GkWare FTP-Daemon

GkFTP-D is a portable FTP-Server that is currently available for Windows CE 2.x and 3.x and for all 32 and 64bit Windows versions. It is ideal for embedded device administration without the overhead of ActiveSync or other complicated and non-standard communication systems.

The server supports the following essentials of RFC 959:
- Basic authentication using a predefined userlist
  (no anonymous access)
- File up-download
- File renaming
- Directory creation/destruction
- Passive mode transfers
- Text and Binary File-Formats
- LIST and NLST Directory Listing types

The server is written in C/C++ and requires BSD-Socket and Multithreading support. The source does not depend on any Windows or Windows-CE specific features and should be easily portable to other operating systems.

If you are interested in trying or purchasing a copy of the FTP-Server, please contact sales@gkware.com and include the operating system and CPU-Type (for Windows CE) you are using. The following license types are available:

All standard Windows CE CPU Types are supported. Evaluation versions for custom platforms can be built on request if the required SDK is provided.

Please also include a short explanation in what environment you will use the server.




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